Traditionally, a reliquary is a type of religious artifact. Though later on, they were seen by a particular Judeo-Christian breed as being idolatrous, –men and women who worshipped an image, and a material thing, rather than the actual divine spirit. Despite their protests, the practice survived, and also despite the destruction of numerous ancient reliquaries. […]


Reliquaries and shrines traditionally contain either one, or many relics; and relics are simply objects of religious significance. At least, primarily. The term relic is often used to describe something extremely old… such as a senior citizen with obnoxious quality of character. The difference is, calling an item that is not sentient a relic, will […]

Other Types Of Reliquaries

Philatory – If the business of worshipping reliquaries and various relics could be a bit more morbid, it is through the use of the philatory. A philatory is a type of reliquary designed specifically to exhibit a relic. It’s usually made of glass, or crystal, or some other clear but precious, transparent barrier, in order […]


The ossuary is a practice of primarily three major religious cultures; Persian, Christian, and Jewish. An ossuary is basically either a chest or large box, a tomb, or a well, in which are laid the bones of humans. For example, you know how people with kids, often have models of popsicle sticks, because just throwing […]


A shrine is a more generalised term than “reliquary” which is more specific, because its root word happens to be “relic”. Shrine was originally translated from the Latin word, “scrinium”, which just meant box. But later it was embellished throughout the centuries to have a more sacred meaning. Over the various religious eras, it became […]

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